Find out how financially prepared you are.

It’s important to understand your financial self to know how and when to make adjustments that will put you in the best possible financial situation. You have to consider your wealth potential, spending habits, financial management efforts, investor behaviors, and career compatibility to stay on the right track.

These 1-2-minute assessments will help you discover more about your financial self so you can make impactful improvements to your financial well-being.

What is your potential net worth?

This assessment was constructed considering the most predictive items that point to what your net worth could be, independent of age and income.

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How are your spending habits affecting your financial future?

This assessment will identify patterns in your consumer habits and provide feedback on how those behaviors might impact your overall financial goals.

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How well do you manage your financial life?

This assessment will show you how you are doing in terms of tracking expenses, setting goals, and monitoring household financial health. Higher scores typically relate to a better ability to build and maintain wealth over time, regardless of age or income.

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What type of investor are you?

This quiz will help you understand how you are likely to behave during market fluctuations.

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