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How the SECURE Act is Changing Your Retirement

By Videos

Did you know legislation passed in December of 2019 that benefits small business owners’ retirement plans and makes part-time employees eligible for retirement plans?

The SECURE Act is both helping these groups of people and impacting any person who has a 401(k), IRA, or any retirement plan, for that matter.

If you’re like most, you may have missed this important retirement information with 2020’s many unexpected events demanding attention.

To get you caught up, and make sure you have adjusted your plan to match the SECURE Act’s changes, we put together three 10-minute videos that dive deep into what the SECURE Act means for you.


Learn what the SECURE Act is and about changes to

  • The retirement contribution age
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • Inherited IRA and defined contribution plan


Learn about changes to

  • Multiple Employer Plans
  • 401(k) Loans
  • Fellowship Payments and Stipends
  • 529 Plans Distributions


Learn about changes to

  • Small Business Tax Credits & Automatic Enrollment
  • Part-time Employees & Home Healthcare Workers
  • Annuities in Retirement Plans
  • Early Distribution Penalty


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